Sun Devil Stadium

Stadium History

Mountain America Stadium was previously called the Sun Devil Stadium and is most commonly known for hosting professional football games.

The venue kick started it’s iconic history in 1975 as it invited the National Football League’s New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings game to take place in this very stadium.

Since then, the Sun Devil Stadium has continued to embody success and has given sports fans countless of opportunities to make the most of the impressive space and catch unbeatable live action time and time again.

The Mountain America Stadium is situated right in the heart of Tempe, Arizona on the campus of the Arizona State University.

This venue has played a crucial part in the sports and entertainment industry for over sixty years – making it one of the longest standing popular venues to visit.

Sun Devil Stadium was first built to host the local football program at the Arizona State University, the venue’s location set between two mountains has made it an incredible setting to witness live sports.

By 1958 the venue was more than ready to invite fans to view it’s first ever game and was titled the Sun Devil Stadium after the football team, the Arizonia State Sun Devils.

Throughout the years the Sun Devil Stadium has had plenty of renovations to improve both the venue setting and the seating capacity. And now after sixty years since it first opened it’s doors, the Sun Devil Stadium can hold up to 54,599 attendees and never fails to bring a wide range of sports to it’s grounds.

The fun never ever stops at Sun Devil Stadium and fans can find countless of events to choose from, taking place throughout every season of the year.

Since the intial reason for Sun Devil Stadium build, to host college football and local team games, the venue truly has exceeded all expectation and has transformed.

Fast forwarding to the present day, the Mountain America Stadium was renamed from Sun Devil Stadium in 2023 and is the number one venue to visit for sports fans and has them returning each year to witness some of the biggest games in the entirety of Arizona.

If you’re yet to experience the Mountain America Stadium- don’t waste any more time… check out what’s coming up on the venue’s schedule of events!

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